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Luminex LUMISPLIT RDM Splitter Range

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Key features

  • DMX and RDM Splitter with RDM management tools
  • DMX Backup and DMX Merge (both LTP & HTP) within LumiSplit
  • Robust, tourable design with ruggedized, galvanically isolated connectors


LumiSplit is a range of DMX/RDM splitters designed by Luminex. A splitter is a device that takes a DMX line in and repeats it on multiple DMX outputs. This comes in very useful when you have more than 32 lighting fixtures to be controlled on one line. You also need a splitter when you have fixtures in different locations and they cannot be incorporated in a ‘daisy chain’.


Product Range

Product Code

Input Ports

Output Ports

LumiSplit 2.10


4 x 5 pin XLR

10 x 5 pin XLR

LumiSplit 1.6


1 x 5 pin XLR

7 x 5 pin XLR