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Chroma-Q have been designing, developing and manufacturing innovative, award-winning LED lighting fixtures, in North America, for over a decade. Chroma-Q take a single-minded approach, focusing on maximising the quality of light, with a mission to develop products that deliver the best possible creative experience.

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Color Force II LED Batten Range

The Chroma-Q® Color Force II™ LED Batten Range are multi award-winning fixtures delivering powerful, even output with superior colour mixing from a homoginised source.

Studio Force II LED Batten Range

The Chroma-Q® Studio Force II™ LED batten range is the natural choice for Studio Lighting. Optimised for camera, the Studio Force II™ range delivers a high quality, tuneable white output with plus/minus green adjustment and the ability to produce a full spectrum of colours.

Brute Force LED Quarter ‘Wendy’ Light Range

The Chroma-Q® Brute Force™ is a real LED alternative to the traditional quarter ‘Wendy’ light, with a full colour RGB-W lamphead that draws just 15 amps @ 240V.

Space Force LED Space Light

The award-winning Chroma-Q® Space Force™ variable white LED space / soft light family is a bright, high quality, modern replacement for conventional sources used in film and TV studios, live broadcast, vlog, and photographic applications.

Inspire LED Houselight Range

The award-winning Chroma-Q® Inspire™ range has been designed to provide a superior, energy efficient alternative for house and area lighting. The fixtures deliver beautiful whites and full colours all from a single fixture. Utilising Chroma-Q’s advanced homogenised optics, the output beam is a single, clean and pure beam of light. Factory calibration ensures all Inspire units are colour matched, so side by side they will be outputting the same exact colour.

Color One 100X LED PAR

The next generation of the Chroma-Q® Color One™ family is here: the Color One 100X™ LED PAR! This must-see luminaire features the same innovative homogenised beam as the Color One 100™, only with nearly 60% more output.

Studio One 100 LED PAR Range

The Chroma-Q® Studio One 100™ LED PAR is designed to deliver the highest quality of white light from an LED based fixture, for the most demanding applications.

Studio Force Phosphor Range

The Chroma-Q® Studio Force Phosphor™ LED soft light range deliver a beautiful soft output, equivalent to a fluorescent fixture, and are available with a fixed 3200K, fixed 5600K or Variable White CCT. The Studio Force Phosphor™ LED range are specifically designed for use in TV, film and broadcast environments.

4Play DMX Buffer

The Chroma-Q® 4Play™ is a fault tolerant, self-healing 4 way DMX buffer designed to fully isolate all outputs from each other. Supplied with 4 x 5 pin connectors, each output is separately generated and boosted from the original DMX signal. The 4Play is suitable for truss mounting with a normal hook clamp and will work with mains voltages world-wide. It also features a chassis mounted IEC male to assist international cabling.